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Suite for Absynth in Minus USB 1008 by Jeremy Couillard
6 Artworks

<p>Through the lens of colorful futuristic and fantastical environments, Couillard’s work often exposes the disconnect between the modern lived life and the desire for greater meaning and understanding&mdash;be it spiritual or sentimental. In <em>Suite for Absynth in Minus USB 1008</em>, the viewer follows Uncle Sad Bedroom on his journey through video game versions of different moons in our solar system. As with much of Couillard’s work there is an empathy as Uncle Sad Bedroom tries to navigate his place in these moons. Set to the music of digitally altered Bach’s Cello Suite No. 2 in D minor, the six videos take the viewer through imagined worlds of forests and urban environments&mdash;all with visual queues to our current landscape&mdash;text about a trip to Oyster Bay, a futuristic MTA bus sign, or a tai chi studio.<br></p>