Zinzi Minott
Fi Dem
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<p>Fi Dem&nbsp;<br>Zinzi Minott</p> <p><br>For those who fear the sea.<br>For those who could not go home.<br>For those who hear the cry’s between the waves.</p> <p>For those who have felt anger for Old Blighty and all she has done.</p> <p><br>For those trapped at home. <br>For those who live in the slippage.</p> <p>Diaspora. </p> <p>For those who live in the consequence of…</p> <p>For those who got sent home.<br>For those who never imagined a pain could cut so deep.<br>For those who know the pain of a forgotten colony.<br>For those who have no home.</p> <p>For those who’s generation became a scandal. </p> <p>Diaspora.</p> <p>For those we have lost to the immigration process. </p> <p>Windrush.</p> <p>For those we have had to forget.<br>In memory of my relatives who made the journey here with hope in their eyes, trust in their souls and still never found what they were looking for. </p> <p><br>For those we have had to forget.</p> <p>For those too sick to go home.<br>For these terrified of dying here.</p> <p>For those who were only staying for three years.<br>For those who didn’t mean to die here.</p> <p>For those who had to pick cotton.<br>For those who’s passport makes them sick. </p> <p>For those trying to get a British Passport. <br>For those who never got paid.<br>For those they killed.</p> <p>For those that jumped.<br>For those who cut cane. </p> <p>For those who gave in.</p> <p>For those who fought.<br>For those who rebuilt the country.</p> <p><br>For those who rebuilt the country.<br>Fi dem who took lick’s<br>Fi all a unuh.<br>Fi all a we.</p> <p>Fi dem.</p>